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har samlet sammen noen av de mest kjente testene og nå kan du gratis teste deg selv.Det finnes mange personlighetstester og jobbtester du kan ta gratis på nett.While the Swede might not be a household name (yet), the 28-year-old's resumé is impressive: two critically adored albums (2008's Youth Novels and 2011's breakthrough Wounded Rhymes), well over 100 million You Tube views of her videos, near-top billing at festivals, not to mention a specially penned song for the Twilight soundtrack.It's not as though Li is the kind of artist who hides behind elaborate costumes or tries to obscure her identity to the public; she takes centre stage in just about every one of her videos.She has never heard a happy song she likes, longs to work with Lars von Trier and wears nothing but black (check out her forthcoming fashion line! Meet Lykke Li, Swedish star of indie-pop and connoisseur of torment, sorrow and woe…It's not often that an international indie-pop star can count on one hand the number of times they've been approached by fans in public.

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There are many pictures of her also available on some of the TV shows as well along with some pictures of her taken on the set as well.

Highlighting her relationship with her boyfriend there are news of her recently having a break up but there has been news on her having any one else as her boyfriend after that incident till date, there has been no news of her getting married to some one as her husband and neither has there been any news of her having any children.

In person, she hardly blends into the furniture either. "I guess I'm not that interested in being a part of things that have nothing to do with my music.

Though sweet and thoughtful, she smiles rarely, and laughs less; dressed severely in all black, with thick kohl-lined eyes and nude lips, she emits an aloof elegance with a hint of drama. I'm not that interested in going to parties and events.

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