Validating optical motion capture assessments of

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MATSPORT mission is twofold: marketing technological products in the sports industry and implementing timing services and, IT event management in major sporting competitions.

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labeling engine utilizes a clear understanding of a subject’s unique skeletal structure to deliver highly accurate labels, even during occlusive interactions between limbs or other subjects in the lab.

When additional labeling is needed, lenses offer wide FOV and low distortion.

Native support includes one-click positioning into the tracking volume as well as real-time streaming, capture, and export of all ground reaction force components.

With the OPTIMA system, AMTI is revolutionizing multi-axis force measurement technology with a platform offering 10-fold accuracy improvement over any other platform in the market.Aim Assist, auto-masking, versatile hardware and the industry's longest range cameras make even large systems easy to setup with just one person.When used with Opti Track cameras and an e Sync 2, Motive’s plug and play force plate support integrates all Bertec force plates and precisely synchronizes them with the kinematic data.Second, we compared RULA scores to those provided by two professional experts, in a non-laboratory cluttered workplace condition.The results show that the corrected Kinect data can provide more accurate RULA grand scores, even under sub-optimal conditions induced by the workplace environment.

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