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First, consider the sections of the memory system (Figure 1) and parts of memory that should be updated while transferring software to a new version.

Typically, a Linux-based system has the following structure of volatile memory.

Maybe when that becomes the new release version, it'll be made available for Centos too.

Updates are required not only because of the new hardware coming into the market, but also for improving the overall performance and taking care of security issues. One is called the incremental update, and the other is the major update.It is the support and enthusiasm of our users which has helped us get to where we are today. Our original plan was to keep WSL only within the Windows Insider program for the upcoming Windows update with the goal of gauging community feedback and refining quality.We are very appreciative of all the bug reports, suggestions, critiques, and ideas which have been submitted. However, we have heard a strong and clear message that you would like us to ship WSL with the next Windows release.The system must have network connectivity and access to an Ubuntu update server.The following steps will guide you through updating an Ubuntu Linux Server 16.04 LTS system.

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