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Last summer, shortly after Dustin “Toothless” Henderson stole the show on Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” Brazillian-based artist Marcelo Braga stole the internet’s heart with his stylized take on everyone’s favorite character.

We were so smitten with his work that we partnered with him to bring you this exclusive Stranger Things Season 2-inspired “Something Stranger” tee. We may be well into the 2017 MLB season, but we’re still reeling from the Cubbies incredible 2016 World Series win.

At least, that was the inspiration for the official 2017 Summer Collection KCCO Tee, evoking the warm sunset tones and that late-80s-early-90s three horizontal stripe vibe.

What we ended up with is this vintage-style KCCO that’s perfect whether you’re chillin’ on a boat or playing a game down at the sandlot this summer.

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