Sex in the taihity

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It has at its core the longing for a Lost World, the world we in our hearts believe existed when we too belonged to the Natural World.

We could go on about the glossy green mountains and silk-soft white sand beaches. They are startlingly and indescribably blue, as if it’s perfectly conceivable for water to be neon-lit from within. But Tahiti is the sort of magical and far-flung paradise that you have to look at, preferably in person, to understand why there is nothing else like it on earth.

In one respect he was less typical than the average master in that he kept a journal of his voyages.

This is an important document recording the first relationships between sailors and Tahitians.

On Tahiti, the females of two related insect species have had to move their genitals to different sides of their bodies and even impersonate the opposite sex — all to avoid getting pierced in the abdomen by the sexual organs of the wrong males, biologists report.

The two insects, which live side by side on the Pacific island of Tahiti and feed on the same plants, are known as Coridromius tahitiensis and Coridromius taravao.

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