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Rihanna rocking her personal style in a mix of vintage and high street Katy Perry wears a pair of creepers, ripped tights and a floral, encrusted mini dress backstage at the festival ' High School Musical' actress Vanessa Hudgens brought along her boyfriend and rocked a floral headress, with a crop top, short shorts and an oversized vest-cardigan.Laura Marling Recent Brit Award winner for ' Best Solo Female Artist', Laura Marling performs at the festival.Meanwhile, Rih's best friend, Katy Perry, also tweeted about her look during the festival.Rocking a new electric purple hair colour, the singer tweeted her various style inspirations for the weekend, which were all Ninties-centric, including The Craft, No Doubt, Courtney Love, Virgin Suicides, Garbage.In the subsequent Carolingian art the religious image set within a letter is a more common motif, mainly in manuscripts of the Tours and Ada schools which were strongly influenced by insular art. 182-190 and : "An Autograph of the Venerable Bede ? The historiated initial, a basic type in mediaeval art, may thus be an English invention (5). The drawing seems to be contemporary with the initials in the undated Canterbury Psalter (Rritish Museum, Cotton MS. 1) which contain episodes from the life of David (PI. 23); most students place these in the middle or first half of the eight century (4). Lowe, " Some Observations on the Leningrad Manuscript of the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum — a key to Bede's Scriptorium," Scriptorium, 1958, pp.

The two were introduced by Kelly Osbourne back in September and they’ve been dating on the down low ever since.(We accept this is kind of ironic from someone who’s made millions singing the lyric: ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful!’) But Lowe, 24, has had her share of limelight lovers too: think DJ Mark Ronson, Blondell singer Will Cameron and, most recently, Doctor Who star Matt Smith.With Lowe's dating of the Rede in 731 to 735 — which seems to me plausible — together with his proof that it was written in the twin abbeys of Jarrow and Wearmouth, the decorated initials of this manuscript assume an important position in the history of insular art (3). 26V) becomes the oldest dated " historiated " initial that we know (PL 23a). Wright, The Vespasian Psalter and the 8th century Renaissance, Harvard University, 1956. The enclosed half figure of a tonsured saint with book and cross is labelled Augustinus, the name of the Roman missionary to England whose story is told in the following text.

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