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“And they wouldn’t be in the situation if they were just happy-go-lucky in the first place.

Nobody is happy in this situation.” Once she decided to write the song from the other woman’s perspective, Nettles was overwhelmed with emotions and says the song pretty much wrote itself.

The song was written four years ago and inspired by Reba Mc Entire’s “Whoever’s in New England,” which was written from the perspective of a wife whose husband is cheating on her.

But the newlyweds will likely have to put their honeymoon plans on hold, as Sugarland will be performing at the Grammy Nomination Concert Live on Wednesday and and then hosting the CMA Country Christmas Special on Thursday. And if the stunning first poster is any indication, the answer is a bloody hell yes! It probably wasn't a performance she thought would be circulating around the Internet, that's for sure. Law Saved Her Life And while we admit the whole thing is pretty sloppy, the actress isn't going to apologize for having a good time! Ever since we heard they were making a movie together, we've been wondering if they were going to push the envelope even further together.Since I have only ever seen this man tangled up in bed sheets, I’d love to know what he wore to the sunset ceremony at a chapel in the foothills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains on Saturday (Nov. All I know about wardrobe is that Nettles wore an Alexander Mc Queen dress for her walk down the aisle.I will be sure to blog if and when more details become available.

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