Is bradley james dating georgia king

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Bradley seems to have more of a sense of humor about it. Eventually it'll be time for Merlin Series 4, and we can have another thread where the Anti-Shirtless Troll will bemoan him baring his chest (mind you, after an uneven Series 3, barechested man candy might be one of the show's few saving graces. Hopefully they will stay away from the shirtless scenes for the remaining seasons and try to improve the show.And now they've got characters like Gwaine and Percival to help things along). It's one thing on a soap opera, but why have they been randomly thrown in? Otherwise it will go the way of "Weeds" - a show that has nothing else to offer except Hunter Parrish's body because of its lack of any plot or characters. He's dating Georgia May King, the actress who played Elena on Merlin last season. So nice to know the anti-shirtless anti-Bradley troll is still hanging around.When he was younger, he wanted to be either a footballer or an actor, while living in the U.S he became a NFL fan, he supports the Miami Dolphins.She also performed in One Night In November at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, October–November 2010, as well as being featured in the 2011 film Chalet Girl.

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The 32-year old actor took interest in both playing football professionally and acting, but he settled for acting as a career.

By 2008, Bradley James has begun acting and he had his breakthrough that same year when he played the role of Prince Arthur Pendragon in the popular TV series Merlin.

Growing up, he knew he wanted to be either an actor or a famous football player, and when he eventually returned to England for high school, he enrolled at the Drama Centre London.

James made his on-screen acting debut in a 2008 episode of "Lewis" but did not gain notoriety until he was cast as Prince Arthur on the hit BBC show "Merlin".

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