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Atikah bagaimanapun menafikan beliau adalah individu dalam foto tersebut.

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“At this point police aren’t planning to release any further information with regards to the investigation,” London police spokesperson Const. Project Equinox targeted individuals answering escort ads, people involved in human trafficking and women who were being trafficked.

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Satu foto itu menunjukkan lelaki berkenaan tidak berbaju dan hanya bertopi sambil memeluk wanita tersebut, yang berbaju biru, dari belakang.

The Kuala Lumpur Gleneagles Hospital consultant urologist said that women over 40 have sex an average of eight times a month compared to those below 40 who engage in sex an average of six times a month.

He explained that among the reasons was because post menopausal women did not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

But more damning is the other photo Datta shot, one he didn't plagiarise: of a 16-year-old trafficked, sex worker engaged in intercourse with a client, unmistakably a frozen frame of child rape.

Datta and his fraternity's ethics in shooting and promoting the image have evoked biting criticism, nothing more.

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