Dating a drunk

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For some of us, however, this season highlights a much more commonplace and personal issue because our close relationships are already overshadowed by the specter of problem drinking.

For others, like me, it's a nightmarish mix of fumbling and nausea (I kiboshed drunk sex in my mid-twenties; that said, the drunken hookup occasionally still rears it's ugly head).But that's the thing with drinking; our logic and preferences don't always win out.Some handy DOs and DON' Ts for the next time you're off the wagon and getting down: Rum has proven a very poor prophylactic against pregnancy and STIs.Up until that moment, I’d seen and heard enough signs and glimpses of his drinking-induced temper: the times he’d been curt for no reason (alcohol), more impatient than usual (alcohol), oh, and after hearing the story about the time he punched his cousin (alcohol).But it Halloween, my favorite holiday, and who wants to break up on Halloween?

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