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Now, in doing what I thought was right in my head, I have pushed her away. Seeing her and realizing how hard it was for her to do it left me no choice but to be the stronger person and not show emotion, but I've been miserable since. That is when I stopped thinking about how I was feeling and tried to see it from her point of view.

She mentioned that she could not date someone that she cannot include in her circles and that she had been struggling with this from the beginning. I then realized that she did not want the relationship and spoke to her a few days later letting her know that I understood and that I was going to be there for her as a friend whenever she was ready. I received a package from her in the mail this past week.

I'm just confused as to why she said, "she is confused and likes me so much? I think she is honestly telling you she is confused, and she likes you... Don't over-read her, if she wants to marry you, she would not wait for long!!

" After she said that and we hung up the phone she texted me numerous times to say how sorry she was and that she never meant for it to be like this. Because i have seen young girls have a dream of getting married! Only few girls have a dream to be independent, And majority are seeking, security in the form of marriage/ success as in the form of power, !!!

SALDIVAR, in their capacity as Members of the Ad Hoc Committee, MAYOR NAOMI C. FRANCISCO ALARTE, MAYOR ANTONIO DEMETRIOU; and DOMINADOR LIM, JESUS JAMES CALISIN, EVELYN SILVERIO, SILVERIO COPE, TOBIAS BETITO, MANUEL LANUZA, JAMES ENRICO SALAZAR, RODOLFO ANTE, JUAN RIVERA, MARCIAL TUANQUI, DR. EUTIQUIO NEPOMUCENO, in their capacity as ACTING GOVERNOR, ACTING VICE-GOVERNOR, and ACTING MEMBERS OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGAN OF ALBAY, respectively, respondents. On 3 August 1992, Mayor Corral formally requested the Province through respondent Salalima, to remit the rightful tax shares of Tiwi and certain barangays of Tiwi where NPC's properties are located ("concerned barangays") relative to the payments made by NPC (Exh. On the same day, 3 August 1992, the Tiwi Sangguniang Bayan passed Resolution No. G to G-1) requesting the Albay Sangguniang Panlalawigan to hold a joint session with the former together with Mayor Corral and the Sangguniang Pambarangays of the concerned barangays, for the purpose of discussing the distribution or application of the NPC payments. These resolutions were approved by respondent Salalima on 22 October 1992 and 6 November 1992, respectively. First, the disbursements to the lawyers amounting to P7,380,410.31 were disallowed by the Provincial Auditor on the ground that these were made without the prior written conformity of the Solicitor General and the written concurrence of the Commission on Audit (COA) as required by COA Circular No. The respondents attempted to dispute this finding by presenting the Solicitor General's conformity dated 15 July 3993. Cornago and the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm are two separate entities is evident from the retainer contract itself: As collaborating counsels for the respondents in the aforementioned case, our law firm and that of Atty. Cornago request that you pay us an Acceptance Fee of FIFTY THOUSAND (P50,000.00) PESOS, while the aforementioned case is pending in the Supreme Court. Cornago in full in said case: APPEARANCE COMES NOW, the undersigned counsel, and to this Honorable Supreme Court, respectfully enters his appearance as counsel for the respondents in the above-entitled case, in collaboration with Atty. In this connection, it is respectfully requested that, henceforth, the undersigned counsel be furnished with a copy of all notices, orders, resolutions and other matters that may be issued in this case at its office address indicated below. Ricafort Cornago and Glenn Manahan but not by the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm, thus: Incidentally, a check with our office records of the case G. Romulo Ricafort the Province's Legal Officer II, and Attys. Cornago and Glenn Manahan of JAMECCA Building, 280 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City; no appearance was entered therein by the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm. Furthermore, the professional character and social standing of Atty. Likewise, the standing of the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm is not such as would merit P38.5 million for one memorandum, which, in this case, it had not even filed because it was not the counsel of record. Had he done so, the matter of imposing and collecting liquidated damages would have been given appropriate attention. Premises considered, this Committee finds the respondent guilty of abuse of authority and gross negligence. After a careful review of the cases, I agree with and adopt the findings and recommendations of the Ad-Hoc Committee, supported as they are by the evidence on record. 5471 is concerned, nothing of its substantive aspect is challenged in this petition. The alleged appeal from the CSB is unclear From the records, and in light of the foregoing statement of the Ad Hoc Committee it is obvious that such appeal was not raised.

Under the MOA, the parties agreed that: the actual amount collectible from NPC will have to be recomputed/revalidated; NPC shall make an initial payment of P17,763,000.00 upon signing of the agreement; the balance of the recomputed/revalidated amount (less the aforesaid initial payment), shall be paid in twenty-four (24) equal monthly installments to commence in September 1992; and ownership over the auctioned properties shall revert to NPC upon satisfaction of the tax liabilities. S) appropriating P9,778,932.57 and P17,663,431.58 or a total of P27,442,364.15 from the general fund to satisfy "prior years" obligations and to implement certain projects of the Province. This ruling applies squarely to the case at hand because Sec. 1681 of the Revised Administrative Code which was the subject of interpretation in the abovecited case of Municipality of Bocaue, et al. Moreover, the entire transaction was attended by irregularities. This appearance bears the conformity of the respondent Gov. Salalima, as shown by his signature appearing at the space indicated below. SALALIMA Respondent Office of the Governor of Albay Legaspi City Even the Solicitor General, in his letter to respondent Governor dated 15 July 1993, noted that the Province is represented in the Supreme Court by Attys. 87479 reveals that the Province of Albay and its officials named respondents therein were represented in the Supreme Court by Atty. And yet, six of the ten checks paid by the Province and amounting to more than P3.6 million were issued in favor of the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm through Atty. In other words, respondents disbursed money to the Cortes & Reyna Law Firm although the latter did not appear as counsel for the Province in the Supreme Court in G. The word "unconscionable", as applied to attorney's fee, "means nothing more than that the fee contracted for, standing alone and unexplained would be sufficient to show that an unfair advantage had been taken of the client, or that a legal fraud had been taken of the client, or that a legal fraud had been perpetrated on him." (Moran, Comments on the Rules of Court, Vol. Surely, one memorandum could not be worth P38.5 million. SECRETARY CORONA: So, you knew each other from the law school? SECRETARY CORONA: Were you members of the same fraternity in San Beda? Cornago not on the basis of his competency and standing in the legal community but purely for personal reasons. Before signing the 6 March 1992 contract, which was entered into on a negotiated basis and not through bidding, respondent Salalima should have inquired whether or not RYU Construction incurred negative slippage. 85-55-A (dated 8 September 1985) prohibiting irregular expenditures or uses of funds; and (b) Sec. 3019, otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. 5471 is the administrative complaint, filed by Tiwi Mayor Corral against the petitioners for abuse of authority and oppression in connection with their conduct in the several administrative cases filed by certain individuals against Mayor Corral. 93-11 to enable this Committee to evaluate the merits of the instant complaint.

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Don't get me wrong, I love her, but I probably wouldn't have been as affectionate as I was with her if it wasn't for the fact that I was trying to reassure her that the age difference was a non-issue. She was very heartbroken when she broke up with me, and was surprised that I was not upset. You did a right thing, because you have your gf is right in front of you, and you want to express it, and don't want to miss it... After about a week and a half after she broke things off, I texted her to see how she was doing, and realized that it was too soon.

I am a 43-year old male who was dating a 55-year old female for 10 months.

From the beginning, she had reservations regarding our relationship due to the age difference.

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