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Once upon a time, there was a girl who knew that she wanted to be famous, and when the producers of a new reality show discovered her, on a last warning at her call-centre job, it really was a modern-day fairytale come true.A rapid rise to stardom as one of the Newcastle gang that loved to party, fight, kiss and make up, Vicky Pattison’s ascent to Geordie Shore fame coincided with the advent of a new social media age, and soon a legion of young fans were following her every digital move.Not so for Vicky who, six years later, has a burgeoning television career that continues to take her into new territories and keeps her social media stats peaking above 5.5 million followers.“I’d never criticise the show as it was my platform and took me to some gorgeous places.Yes, anonymity and self-disguise have always been available on the Web, from early chat rooms to newspaper and blog comment sections to the darkest corners of 4chan.And yes, commenters have often used that cloak of anonymity to say things that are meaner than anything they’d have the guts to say to someone’s face.It must be a difficult thing to write a comprehensive biography of someone whose most famous accomplishment is that he has waited for something longer than anyone else has ever waited for it.Which is not to say that the book is without insight.

As a white dude, even I’m offended.” That’s why anonymous social apps like Whisper and Secret come as a relief.

Later she appeared as a panelist on Loose Women and alongside TV stalwart Eamonn Holmes on It’s Not Me, It’s You – she holds their friendship dear, as a mentor for her in a tough entertainment industry.

Fairytale aside, the truth is Vicky Pattison’s effervescent career (much like the Juice Master’s!

“It’s boring here.”Posted by an anonymous user in San Francisco to the confessional app Secret, the message quickly gained attention; after four days, it had received 78 comments, ranging from “just means you’re not on the right project” to “I quit Google, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.” At times, the original poster chimed in, saying things like: “I’ve been there a long time. The company no longer values initiative, and promotion is very slow.”Many of us are addicted to sharing status updates on Facebook, photos on Instagram, and thoughts on Twitter. It’s hard to say what you really think when your true identity is attached, especially if your post could get you in trouble, either now or years down the line.

That bored Googler on Secret wouldn’t be likely to voice those thoughts online under his or her real name—even if doing so could be therapeutic or even lead to other job options.

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