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Now fans are convinced she's totally into guys and girls, which obviously came as a huge surprise because she had been dating Ryan Mc Cartan for so long.

Dove hasn't dated, that we know of, any girls in her past so again, this was something super new that shocked fans! Well, Bella is another star who has more openly talked about her sexuality.

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This finding contradicts the American Psychiatric Association’s viewpoint that there is no evidence suggesting that sexual orientation can change.

It is reasonably clear that nobody actually knows what the real deal is.

Anecdotally, it is more common for lesbian and bisexual women to change sexual identities during a lifetime than it is for heterosexual women.

Her confession came on the heels of her break up with Gregg Sulkin.

While we haven't seen her in a relationship with another girl just yet, she revealed that she's actually thought about what it would be like to date Dove! There's no doubt that their exes would be super jealous! However, we must remember that Dove hasn't verbally confirmed that she's bisexual.

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