Adult picture exchange

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Our philosophy emphasises the individual needs of each learner.

We are the exclusive source of training and consultation for the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Pyramid Approach to Education.

Math grids to help keep numbers in the correct alignment are also included.

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The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is described by its authors as "a unique AAC training package developed for use with young children with autism and other social-communication deficits." (Frost & Brody 1994).

One of the benefits associated with the ability to use a picture exchange system is lowered frustration, which in turn often results in a decline in many of the behavioral problems associated with autism.

Many children have difficulty interpreting generic symbols and require pecs to look like actual objects. Again this can cause difficulties, because many children become distracted by the background and are not able to distinguish which object is the actual symbol.

Originally devised to teach people with autism the basic concept of communication, the system is built on established psychological principles (ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis) which include shaping and reinforcement.

Trained facilitators gradually shape the individual's impulse to reach for a desired object into the communication act of giving a symbol to another person.

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