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We have a resort type atmosphere where you can find props, games music and so much more.Description: Bienvenue au tout nouveau palace, Chateau des Anges.

Some of the largest groups in the site, often rising to the number 1 spot, included Debate, Critical Thinking and Philosophy, The Meaning of Life, Christian Teen777, Community Feedback for Dummies and others.

Since 1991 there were various communities on MSN, all run by MSN, featuring real newsgroups and IRC chat rooms.

They were not easily updatable as only MSN Communities staff members could update the one page that each "community" had. Around 1998–99, MSN created the home pages, which were real Web sites much like Tripod or Geo Cities.

This includes sexual content or direct links to adult content hosted elsewhere.

Sites promoting any illegal activity, violence, or content that may be damaging to our servers or any other server, or links to such sites are also prohibited.

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